In response to the comprehensive data protection legislation passed by the Indian Parliament, the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act, Collexo has diligently aligned its practices to comply with this new regulatory framework. This Act marks a significant step in protecting personal data and balancing the rights of individuals with the necessity of lawful data processing in the digital age.

Understanding the DPDP Act

The DPDP Act is designed to protect the personal data of individuals within the territory of India, emphasizing consent, transparency, and accountability in data processing activities. It applies not only to digital data processed within India but also to any organization processing personal data of individuals within India, irrespective of where the organization is based.

Our Approach to Upholding the DPDP Act

  • Rights of Data Principals: Collexo respects the rights of data principals (individuals to whom the data pertains) including the right to access, correct, delete, or object to the processing of their personal data.
  • Responsibilities and Obligations: We ensure consent is obtained before processing personal data and use the data solely for the purposes it was collected for, adhering strictly to the DPDP Act’s guidelines.
  • Data Protection Measures: Implementing robust technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access and breaches is at the forefront of our operations.
  • Responding to Requests and Breach Reporting: Collexo is committed to responding promptly to individual requests regarding personal data and reporting any data breaches to the Data Protection Board of India within the stipulated time frame.

Additional Compliance Measures at Collexo

  • Data Processing Assessment: Regular assessments of our data processing activities to ensure DPDP Act compliance.
  • Data Protection Policy: A comprehensive policy that articulates our commitment to data protection.
  • Independent Audits: Conducting periodic independent audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

Collexo’s Pledge for Data Protection

At Collexo, compliance with the DPDP Act is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding personal data and respecting the privacy rights of individuals. Our adherence to this Act reflects our dedication to being a trustworthy and responsible educational technology provider in India and globally.

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FAQs About DPDP Compliance

Collexo has enhanced its data processing practices, focusing on greater transparency, stronger data protection measures, and respecting the rights of data principals.
Yes, the Supreme Court of India recognized the right to privacy as a fundamental right, which the DPDP Act further enforces.